In the year 2023, Nigerians will have another opportunity to elect new political leaders to wheel the course of this country on the path of progressive development. A lot of existential issues threaten our national development and security.

Many Nigerians have a wide range of issues that must be top policy priorities for candidates and the new administration. Previous administrations have made many promises that they did not deliver on which has further exacerbated the worsening situation of education, security, economy, cost of living and healthcare system in the country.  

As citizens prepare for elections, we are concerned about the polarisation in the polity as election decisions, rather than being issue-based, have been riddled with ethnicity, religion, tribalism, and other identity factors which will neither improve the welfare of citizens nor the development of our dear country.

At Civic Hive, our mission is to educate the public on the importance of electing leaders based on competence, character, and significant antecedents that are not influenced by sentimental or ethnic factors and who are ready to take bold steps in the wake of our complex realities as a nation. 

Our aim is for voters to have access to information that enables them to be educated and informed about political processes so that they can have a basis upon which to vote for political office holders and to hold elected officials responsible.